“Earth systems and structures are changing daily – environments that took millions of years to evolve are in a process of accelerated change. My fieldwork monitors these geographic shifts, investigating praxis as a form of material transformation and transportation. My surveys take place in mountain ranges, forests and deserts, rivers and lakes, natural parks and remote islands, post-industrial landscapes and urban centres. My performances and installations develop adaptive environments to test our capacity to be agile.”



I am a UK-based artist operating from field centres in France and Spain, and work internationally. I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, coordinating expeditions and fieldwork planning activities as part of the annual Explore event for over a decade. As an independent scholar, I present academic and performance papers on the subject/object of fieldwork in artistic practice, in addition to a series of public live events and artist talks on a new environmental (re)turn. I coordinate the itinerant artist network, engage in collaborative fieldwork and share research through publications and other public platforms.

My work engages with the challenge in recording and broadcasting time-based practice. New works launched in 2019 include: ‘Environmental Resistance’, ‘Vibrant Field’ and ‘The Prehistories’.

Latest quote…
That was such a wonderful performance … very moving – steady, strong, absolutely stunning to watch, very poetic and also full of information about the extraordinary landscapes. It was a wonderful model – it worked so well. We were all mesmerised.” Veronica Sekules, GroundWork Gallery, UK.