“I am a monitor, taking the temperature of the world through environmental actions.

I am interested in fragility, the mobility of material and an environmental shift in human nature. Using a trans-media approach, I investigate earth systems, in particular the movement and behaviour of animate and inanimate objects. Through experiential and embodied fieldwork methods I monitor erratic changes in landscape. Against a pervasive anthropocentric view, my work probes collapsing structures and systems in nature contributing to a wider discussion on instability and environmental change.

I explore how slow capture in an age of acceleration can influence image/object making as a form of material transformation and transportation. This work engages with the challenge in recording and broadcasting time-based practice.

I coordinate an itinerant artist network, engage in collaborative fieldwork, and share research through publications and other public platforms.”



My arts practice is composed of two parts: Recording and Broadcasting



Luce Choules is a UK-based artist operating from field centres in France and Spain, and works internationally. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, coordinating expeditions and fieldwork planning activities as part of the annual Explore event for over a decade. As an independent scholar, she presents academic and performance papers on the subject/object of fieldwork in artistic practice, in addition to a series of public live events and artist talks on a new environmental (re)turn.

Luce is currently artist/curator of international project ‘Esparto’(2016-), with touring exhibition, symposium and trilingual publication; has recently returned from the US opening of her Rabbit Island residency exhibition with performance lecture at DeVos Art Museum, Michigan (2016-17); and her Bideford Black commission (shown Devon 2015, Lincoln 2016) has been selected for the upcoming touring performance exhibition ‘Documents, Alternatives’ (UK/Australia 2017-18). Major long-term projects include: ‘Guide74’, ‘Estudio de Campo’, ‘Navigating the Erratic’, ‘The Insurmountable and Unknowable Object’, and ‘Mountain Festival’.

Luce founded and coordinates the itinerant artist network (2015-date) making opportunities for members to meet through public events and digital dialogue. Her published work is held in many public collections.


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


Luce Choules